QE & AUSTERITY: Creosote tells it like it is….

The Slog



Jurst a teeny-weeny leetell tapeur. Jurst a weffer-theen tapeur….

“F**k off” said Wall Street bon viveur Lloyd Creosote.

Oooh goweerrn: juse wern leeterrl omoaeopatheek tapeur….

“F**k off” repeated Wall Street bon viveur Lloyd Creosote, “I want my munneeee”.

Burrt Shirley wern meenuert leeturrrl  eenkee-weeny eetsy-beetsee tappuurrr  isernt gwang to mairke inneee deefayrarnce?

“Yuss it f**kin’ well will,” Creosote answered, venomously spitting out bits of duck a l’orange, “Chicken Licken says so but more to the point, it is f**kin’ obvious that if you take my intravenous good-dosh-for-bad away, the markets will collapse and even more to the point so will my God-given right under the terms of the American Dream to a f**kin’ huge bonus”.

When I first saw the Monty Python Mr Creosote sketch at the cinema thirty years ago, I did discern the Western obesity message in there: but I never in my wildest dreams thought that…

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