Parently Love

Paco Garriga

“Love is the chain whereby to

bind a child to its parents.”

-Abraham Lincoln


I think that I met him first.  He had severe rheumatoid arthritis.  He had consulted a couple of doctors for his condition.  Maybe because he had many other medical problems; maybe because he had a knack for deciding on his own what treatment he would follow, he had not seen any improvement.  I decided that in his case my role would be to listen and to provide information.  He would make the choices.

We hit it off right away, meaning that he made a quick decision that he trusted me.  His arthritis improved, and eventually completely disappeared.  He kept coming to see me for his numerous medical issues.

His wife followed.  Another long list of significant problems; another very determined soul who was not about to be told what to do.  After my first visit…

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