PARTY CONFERENCES: The art of getting what you pay for

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elecfraudBuying votes isn’t new, just more overt than it used to be

It gets funnier, sillier and lots of other comparatives ending in er. Like, er, dafter, barmier, nastier and cynicaller. Shame about cynical, there’s no way you can inflate it…although David Cameron is trying hard.

I will say this about the Conservative Party: they don’t do spin. They attempt spin, but as on the whole they’re a mixture of stupid, sloppy and arrogant, it comes out like, well, not to put too fine a point on it, corrupt showboating.

So it was that Osborne’s Help to Buy turned into Housing the Bubble, Cameron’s EU Under Budget became Miles over Budget, and the Treasury’s No more bailouts produced Lots more bailins. Now the Prime Minister has announced “my package to help struggling families”. His overt personal ownership of The Plan almost suggests that the struggling is a result of some…

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