Being ignored by people who don’t know the truth, is hurtful.

Healing From Complex Trauma & PTSD/CPTSD

Following spiritual abuse by a Church pastor, and all the lies he and his wife have told, I am aware many people at that Church, do not have the correct understanding of what happened and believe something that is not true.

We had to leave the Church, due to the complete failure of the senior pastor to support us and because the behaviour of many people changed as they polarised around this issue.

It was a classic case of someone shouting wolf to a Church, and being treated like the problem and it being made clear we were not welcome and I was not believed.

Now, these are ‘Christians’ who were not there when this abuse occurred and do not know who is truthful, so therefore, should not be taking sides and when a complaint of abuse is made, people should have stepped up and offered us support. But, no-one…

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