Richard M. Ankers - Author

Cornelius was a polite little boy
He loved his parents with all his heart
Visited his grandparents every day
Cared for his pet Jack Russell as though it was human
He was even good at school
His teachers raved about how well he did
What a helpful schoolboy he was
How they wished every child was like him
“If the Earth was full of children like Cornelius
The world would be a better place”
They all would say
Cornelius’s outer facade confirmed all this
He was graceful, for a boy
Incredibly good natured, for a boy
Slim, for a boy
Had beautiful raven hair, for a boy
And that was why he waited everyday
Lurking at his bedroom window during all his spare time
He was scheming
He was planning
He was concocting
Cornelius was waiting for the stork he’d heard so much about
Waiting to pounce and give it…

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