No emails requesting information

Just a note to point out that after 5 days and going through 13567 emails, there is no emails from Mr. Brown, Mr. Olivier, Mr. Nissen. Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Lyons or Mr. Harding asking questions about the case or the blog. Or Any of their friends.

There is 4 and only 4 comments, that are class as abusive, and full of swearing, since the Browns feel they can remove people in their groups comments and post, when the people state that Nissen is a liar or that they are full of sh123. those comments are kept safely.

So if they will be so kind, and please email all these emails to the blog or to, then we can publish them and comment them.

PLease make sure your language that is used is suitable for all ages. We are aware that you have issues with that.

We will open a discussion page, or an evidence page with all your emails attach, providing the language is apropriate..

Thank you. and we hope to have them in the next day or so, so we can sort this issue

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15 Responses to No emails requesting information

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  2. Angela Streek says:

    You did not think that the idiots will come forward with the proof they claim they have, they so pathetic, and they will continue to lie because they dont believe that your legal team will take them on……..

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