To set the Record straight

We received an email, from a very lovely lady. The One refered to by DEB SOWA. This lady is very upset and distress that DEB SOWA, would scoop so low.

She contacted Jeremy and Maryna and asked them for our details at the blog. yes this lovely 16 year old that Deb Sowa is refering to (she no longer is 16), is still a very close friend of Jeremy and his wife, Maryna.

This lovely lady stated that, the only reason her dad was upset about the relationship was because of the 7 year age difference, there was no sexual relationship between her and Jeremy. when she moved with her parents to a different state. Her dad allowed Jeremy to continue to see her.

Her dad made it clear to both her and Jeremy that if they ever at that time had more than a friendship relationship, he will press charges. which was fair enough in their eyes. Due to her age.

They remained friends until this day, and will continue to remain friends.

She is seeking legal advice against Deb Sowa, as these false rumors will affect her children and the little girl she adopted. She is not willing to be used by Deb Sowa and the little gang in the UK, to smear Jeremy’s good name.

This must stop and she will do what she needs to, to protect her own children.

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