Now it is interesting on the lies a certain group would like to spread……

but when you live in reality, youcan proof things.

a few simple facts and differences:

1. Houses in Mexico is cheaper than houses in the United Kingdom
2. A 4 bedroom house in a decent area in Mexico range between GBP 800 and GBP 1000 you can find some for more
3. a 4 bedroom house in London in a decent area is GBP 1850 per month, some is GBP 450 per week
4. the house in Mexico is 100% of the time free standing, with 2 plus bathrooms, a garden, a garage for more than 1 car.
5. The house in London is 99% of the time attached with a small garden, no garage and one bathroom.
6. 90% of properties in Mexico, you bills are included in your rent. This is a no no in the UK, your bills is on top of the rent.

You see there is no real comparision between housing in Mexico and housing in the United Kingdom.

In Mexico there is freedom that people dont have in the United Kingdom, the kids are kids, they are allowed to grow up free and not tied down with electrical equipment 100% of the time. the kids in Mexico grow up with manners, the ones in the UK dont know what manners are….

So you see, for nice weather, healtier kids, and well behaved children Mexico is so much better than the UK.

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