the page and group the abductor and there friends have

Its so funny watching these idiots who can’t keep a story straight try and discredit 2 parents fighting for there children. Everyother comment or post they make contradict the last one but there to stupid to realize it. As the one group they took over on facebook had 350 members and is now down to 30 and there other page has 22 likes. Which on both 12 of the people on the page is them and the alias they like to use so the other ones are friends of there’s that they either added to the page and group. Wow they are doing so well at discrediting parents that are fighting a real case to get there boys back from a pedaphile and trafficer who is wanted around the world. So please guys if you really want to know if the warrants for your arrests are real why don’t you take your asses to the countries embassy that issued them and find out as we all know british police are as worthless as flies on shit and wouldn’t be able to tell you if an international warrant is real or not or is it you know they are real and afraid you go onto the embassies ground you won’t be coming out as like I said your all a bunch of cowards and don’t want to do the time for the crime you did against this family. Especially you mr. Nissen your the biggest coward of them all.

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