Its funny how someone claimed he has contacts in decatur illinois to try and dig up dirt on someone but when you point out he isn’t nothing but a piece of scum he gets upset asking who told you I’m from decatur. See billy I know you have a sister name carolynne who works in banking a sister named amy and another one named michelle. But then again you’ll try and deny it. As you don’t want the truth out there. Good try on sending someone to my dads house to try and intimidate him. If it was me he would of been laying on the ground. So please you want to try and intimidate my family remember I have friends there aswell. As like your wife said she raised 897 GBP in the auction and kept all of it for herself so really who are the scam artists. But I know the 897 pounds is actually close to what she weighs so tell me do you have a van to carry all that weight or a heavy duty pickup and cattle trailer.

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