facts that are now being changed by the so called friend

It is interesting how mr. Baylis made a post and his so called friend started back stepping what she said the previous week on the group of the abductor friends.

So here are a few facts that he felt should be stated.

Fact 1: I and this so called friend did have sex.
Once was in a trailer she lived in behind a bar called Ronnie’s ,as appearantly the next morning her second divorce was going to be final and she didn’t want to be alone as her lover had left her recently for someone else.

Fact 2: Second time was at a house on monroe street.

Fact 3: Third time was at a house she was buying by Oak Grove school. And if it was a fantasy like she is now trying to say in my head.

Then damn why did I remember leaving her place afterwards all 3 times.

Fact 4: I have a mother and she was not my mother.
I told her several times I have a mother and no one can replace my mother.
I am not estranged from my family. I spoke to them regulary and had Christmas and holidays with them when I could.

Fact 5: she really don’t know anything about me, except a few women she might of set me up with.
As why should I tell her everything that went on in my life, she is not my mother she was a friend and even my friends from school didn’t and still don’t know everything about me or what I did just like my family.

I never told my mom or dad everyone I dated the only time they knew I was dating someone is if they came home with me for dinner when I was able to go for dinner with my family.

Fact 6: If I was fantasizing about anyone to have sex with it would of been maryna as I missed her a lot.

Fact 7: she, this so called friend of mine, was nothing but a charity case for me. As she only wanted my company when no one else wanted her company.

She was never considered my mom, I pointed this out to her. She will never no matter how hard she try be half the woman my mother is.

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