Ex-wife and her lies

The site manager was asked to post the following on behalf of Jeremy Baylis.

I, Jeremy Lynn Baylis, I had a daughter born in August 2004 as I have a divorce decree from my state claiming I have a daughter. Just because my boys aren’t listed on my divorce decree didn’t mean that I did not have children by someone else.

As my ex-wife had 2 children from her first marriage and they weren’t on the divorce decree. I started to see my ex-wife towards the end of 2000, this was after the birth of Jenvey and while  my ex was cheating on her husband. she got divorced in 2002 and we married in 2003 and divorced in 2006.

And just to get one thing straight there is not an arrest out for me for back child support as the state has put it on hold as my ex-wife claimed the child is not mine to the state and the state has proof of her receiving direct payments from Mexico for child support.

She has a habit of not declaring she received the child support and I have to take her back to court and prove her wrong twice already and this is public record with the county and the state.

In 2008, shortly after my ex-wife got remarried to husband number 3, she started withholding my daughter from me claiming that certain monies in the divorce was not paid to her yet, so I cannot see my daughter.

This act was a violation of my daughter’s rights to see me and me to have a relationship with her. She then started to ask me to right of my rights to my daughter, which I refused to do. I took back to court in early 2009, as she also claimed she was not receiving child support since our separation. This was a lie as she was being paid directly to herself as per her request.

IN the court it was ruled that I should see my daughter and that she has no legal reason to withhold her from me, and I was awarded a credit as proof was given to the court that she has received the money directly for all cost regarding my daughter.

She continued to insist that I right my rights of to my daughter and I refused. I left the country got remarried, and she continued to request me to give up my daughter so that her new husband could adopt her. I refused.

She started claiming fees that is needed for my daughter, which I paid my half to the school directly to find out that mom was not paying her half of the fees.  I paid her directly weekly her child support money and at the same time directly to the school their fees.

In August 2010, I had to take her back to court to declare the funds that she was receiving directly from the state as I paid the state directly and they paid her. I had the backing of the state and the court regarding the child support she claimed she never received.

After these proceedings where she admitted to receiving her weekly child support, it was changed to monthly payments for the fact that I was living abroad, and she was forced to restart contact with my daughter.

Shortly after that after my daughter dropped something in a conversation, my ex-wife decided to send me communications she had with Nissen, yes that will be DENNIS GORDON NISSEN. Which was supplied to all lawyers involve in my case with my ex-wife as it was a safety issue for both my ex and myself.

In this conversation between her and Nissen she thank him for the large sum of money that he gave her , when she lied and told him I was behind on child support.

At that point my child support was paid in full until the end of DECEMBER 2010, due to all the none payments she declared.

I continued to pay my child support as requested by her, in 2011 my ex started to state that my daughter is not my biological child and that she wants me to give up my rights to my daughter after I assist my ex in paying for her dental work. I refuse as I am named on her birth certificate.

The state was made aware of this issue, and ordered a DNA test to be done, so far my ex has refused to carry out the DNA test.

She is still receiving her money for child support and the state has records of that, I was advised by the state to keep all my proof and supply it to them and when I return to the USA or when I feel like it I can take it back to court to get my credit rewarded.

So she is getting money for my daughter even though she is claiming it is not my daughter.

Also the screenshots she supplied to my lawyer and that of Nissen is very different, Nissen’s screen shots has been altered as hers was taken in front of two lawyers. Her lawyer also contacted Mr. Nissen requesting that he stop harassing and contacting my ex back in 2010.

He seems to be at it again by using his little friends or is it really him using false names.

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40 Responses to Ex-wife and her lies

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  2. Jeremy you get them everywhere and your ex is no different, anything for a bit of money and a bit of sympathy. Maybe if the person targeting her wants sexual favors that will happen as well. She got no morals but then again we are all aware of the fact that she got no morals… you are better off without her and the others in your life… just keep fighting for the boys and that sweet little girl

  3. this woman is a piece of work, but we need to remember the screenshots publish by Nissen and co is very different to the ones she supplied to the lawyers and to jeremy, so she might be another of Nissen’s victims

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