Justice for Kevin and Jenvey

We had a few issues, People that follow the story of Kevin and Jenvey is claiming that they are being in their eyes being harass by Nissen, Olivier, Babette Lyons, Christina Brown, William Brown, Stephen Harding. this is informs of  emails via facebook and various others matters. 

Maryna and Jeremy told them that if they consider it harassment then they need to report it to the police, as it is not something Jeremy or Maryna can address.

If any person participate in a conversation with anyone mentioned above, and then feel that they dont like the conversation that is being held, Maryna and Jeremy is not responsible for your own actions or that of Nissen, Olivier and co.

You are adults if you want to talk to them fine, but if you don’t like their behaviour or conversation then tell that to the person who contacted you, and then report it to facebook and the police.

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1 Response to Justice for Kevin and Jenvey

  1. if adults talk to Olivier and co, then they got to sort their own issues out with Olivier and co. if Olivier and co gets abusive then report them. No one is telling you to talk to them

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