the Hague

interesting how misled Nissen and Olivier has there team. I am sure Jeremy and maryna must find my  post entertaining.

The hague made a ruling in whose care those children has to be, no where on the hague hearing does it state that nissen can have the children in his care. He is not even regonised as the father. Mexico dismissed his claims as false due to a so called UK order he tried to admit to the court that had severe mistakes in the dates.

The Hague state that the children has to be in their mothers care…… Nissen is a very funny mommy now is he not… poor people cant accept the fact that they are being deceived by Nissen. why dont you all wait and see what will happen.

Brussels got the paperwork, and the final hague. the kids are in the wrong persons care and the HAgue is not a custody dispute people please learn the law

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