Maryann spencer AKA charity sweet

This woman is very dear friend of the Baylis family, she is very well educated and is fully aware of what legally can be done about a case. All court cases are allowed to have a review, and especially when new evidence comes to light.

there is nothing time wasting about it, Now if Nissen and the UK did not violate the Hague order, and did not dismissed both parents from any false proceedings held by the UK and Nissen,then a review would not be necessary. Since the proceedings nissen had was without notification to the parents or to the country that issued the Hague order. A review is very legal and very much needed.

Since the so called advice from Nissen and his camp his increased in amount since the closer it is getting to a public hearing, is proof in itself that they are running scared.

Nissen and his camp even started claiming that Ms. Spencer is a terrorist and endangering her own children, they attack every legal representitive on facebook that the Baylis family have, they even claim people are the legal team of the Baylis family that is only friends with the Baylis family.

they are clutching at straws as Olivier and Nissen is not 100%sure what to expect from these new hearings, as they are not the ones in control.

I do feel that it is really a shame that the Browns will try to ruin people’s names and reputations, I hope they know that when this goes the way the Barristers and all are pushing it, they will be questioned as well.

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