A challenge to Nissen and his friends and their lies

This website states over various pages it is not owned by the Parents you continue to claim it is the parents. Can you supply  me the owner of this wordpress that it belongs to the parents. I am tired of your lies and the hurt you are spreading to those children. The Lies that you are claiming what you are doing is not hurting the children, we have been supplied with a screenshot from a facebook email from Charl Olivier to a person, asking them if they are going to be at the court on the 1st July 2013, openly admitting that this case is back in proceedings. The court confirmed today that it is seen as intimidation to a witness for the other party. So please continue your abuse and lies that people like Carl du plessis, Amanda du Plessis, Tanya Nel, Dean Nel. Adele van der MErwe, Werner Gerber, etc does not exist they are fake profiles. there is 100% proof these people are very much alive and who they claim to be on their facebooks. This has been submitted to the court, plus the post made by Olivier stating proof they alive and i will return the boys to their parents myself. I hope he is willing to explain to the court what gives him the right to make that offer, and what gives  you all to do this abuse against a family figthing for their children after all there is a Hague stating where the children has to live and it is not in the UK or in NIssen’s care. THE UK IS VIOLATING INTERNATIONAL LAW.


My advice to you all are, get your facts straight, get to know the law of all countries involve, get to know the HAgue law before you start and continue to slander the parents, who has legal cost regarding this case a very real case as Mr. Olivier himsel pointed out to a witness on the Baylis side. That is witness intimidation and perverting the cause of justice, even in family proceedings.


Supply me proof that the people you claim is not real is not real people. it is not for me to supply proof to you that they are, after all you are the ones claiming they are fake. Proof it send it to my wordpress. I dare you

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1 Response to A challenge to Nissen and his friends and their lies

  1. Tanya Nel says:

    I am one of the people they claim to be a fake person. I have submitted proof to the public hearing at the RCJ that i am very much alive, the strange thing is the Judge’s face when he saw me in person and i showed him the claims that Olivier and his friends made, including emails he send to 3rd parties naming me as a fruad, I had an embassy representitive with me from my country, that confirmed my name, surname and my job. they also gave the courts copies of how they determine that I am me. the judge himself commented and said no i wonder if Mr. Olivier will hand the children over or try and claim that the proof is fake.xoxox Kids are still not home so i take it he called the judge a liar again.

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