Ownership of this Blog

This Blog has been setup to support the Baylis Family Evidence and deal with the Injustices by the UK Family Law System by telling their story with the case documents with their comments. PLEASE NOTE IT IS NOT THE PARENTS UNLIKE WHAT NISSEN AND GANG IS CLAIMING

It shows how UK courts and other UK authorities have tried to steal and trafick two children who are not British, under the color of law, from their natural parents who are not British and give them to some one who is not a parent or even related to them as a result of serious fraud and other crimes which the British authorities will do nothing about.

This Blog is published by Justice Master who is outside of the UK and the blog is independently hosted outside of the the Jurisdiction of the UK Courts and therefor all documents and information are beyond the Lawful Jurisdiction and Authority of the UK Courts, whilst it would be contempt of the English courts to publish in the UK no law or lawful order is broken by their Publication here.

The family are currently under the protection of a third party government until matters are resolved.

Baylis-Family.info wish a speedy resolution to:

Jeremy (Natural Father- US Citizen)

Maryna (Natural Mother- South African Citizen)

Jenvey (Son- Dual SA/USA Citizen)

Kevin (Son- Dual SA/USA Citizen)


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