Christina Brown

Christina Brown

Hacked two facebook groups regarding Kevin and Jenvey Baylis, admitting that she took the 875 GBP that was raised by an auction she did in the United Kingdom, now she is trying to smear the parents great and wonderful name, by sepreading lies. It would be so nice to hear that they arrested her this week. you see what she is doing is violating the boys rights while there is proceedings in place.

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2 Responses to Christina Brown

  1. Uslaw Man says:

    This is the woman who told me to western union my donations for the so called auction she started straight to her. i offered to pay it into Anina Bull’s go fund me but got told it got nothing to do with the auction. looking at Mrs. Browns claims she states she paid it to go fund me looking at the go fund me report that is a big fat porky….. so Mrs. Brown where is the 875 GBPounds…. is that what pay for your take outs….

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