Kevin and Jenvey Baylis’s parents

Kevin and Jenvey Baylis's parents

This is for the boys from their loving parents.

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2 Responses to Kevin and Jenvey Baylis’s parents

  1. Uslaw Man says:

    Uslaw Man
    I would like to offer my support to Jeremy and Maryna. they have been through hell, and now that Olivier and co is running scared, since Olivier tried to tell a judge that even though the Judge state the children are illegal in the United ‘Kingdom, he will make sure no one in family will take a statement from jeremy and Maryna serious. Now Mr. Olivier is dragging an innocent child into all of this and posting her photo for the world to see and her moms contact details…… ANything to discredited anyone that can testify in favor of Jeremy and Maryna. He already issued a statement saying the Lynette Pretorius is on their side and they can see it in her comments. COmments Ms Pretorius already gave to the PGR and to various other people. ON top of a statement. Olivier stated Trevor Du Plessis has never lived in the United Kingdom and that his views of Nissen is based on Maryna;s views. but yet Nissen claims he was married to her, surely if that is the case Mr. Du Plessis would have met Nissen…… why discredited the people why not have 3rd parties testify what has nissen and olivier got to hide…..

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