Watch “Westlife – I Have a Dream” on YouTube

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It’s a farewell

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Watch “The Madden Brothers – We Are Done” on YouTube

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A Very Interesting Thing Happened Today

Originally posted on Climbing Out Of The Well:

Something very interesting happened tonight that I thought you would like to hear about. I’m taking training to be on the Crisis Call Center hotline. This evening we did role playing with the trainers for the first time in the training. Well I did a pretty piss-poor job of it and the feed-back I got from the others showed that too. This would have been a perfect ‘set up’ for me to rail against myself you think, wouldn’t it? This would have been the perfect situation for the ‘ugly voices’ to have come at me – enforce.

You’re stupid. You’re such an idiot.  You’re so clumsy. You should have said/done…. You shouldn’t have said/done…. Why did you do/say that? You’re a-know-it-all. You think your so smart. What the hell’s the matter with you?! What’s wrong with you?! Grow up! Why are you so God damned dumb?! How can you be…

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Every five minutes a child dies as the result of violence – according to a ground-breaking report from Unicef UK.

In its report “Children in Danger: Act to End Violence against Children” – published to mark the launch of the Children in Danger campaign – the organisation revealed that some 345 children under the age of 20 could die from violence each day in the next year, unless governments act.

The report reveals that the vast majority of children are killed outside warzones and that physical, sexual and emotional abuse is widespread with millions of children unsafe in their homes, schools and communities.

It finds that:

• children who are victims of violence have brain activity similar to soldiers exposed to combat

• a third of children who are victims of violence are likely to develop long-lasting symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder.

• those living in poverty are more likely…

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She is one of the many young African women who have a story printed underneath their beautiful faces,

You see,her life experience has taught her much about God, Trust,Friends and most of all the little things people don’t seem to notice, but at the end of the day from a distance with her make up well plastered in her broken face to you

She is just a girl behind the counter.

First impression of her one could judge by her appearance that she is nothing more than a whore,

a slut, “Porko wa hii Mtaa” a lost sheep in the wilderness.

its true she’s lost, not only lost but confused, alone with a lot of questions about her life.

yet you say, “Hawa madame hufanya vitu Bila maswali.” it hurts when one critiques a book without

understanding its content.

but all in all to you she is nothing more than

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Brilliant New Feminist Tactic: Using Little Girls in Videos to Yell The F-Word

Originally posted on Christian Patriots:


Hide your daughters, parents and don’t let them grow up to be feminists. 

In the latest stroke of genius for the bitter movement, the feminists over at have released a video featuring little girls in princess outfits dropping the f-bomb and screaming non-factual statements about women’s equality in American society. 

The part where the girls say, “Society teaches us that our bodies, boobs and butts are more important than our brains,” is painfully ironic. This video comes from a movement that has spent the past four years defining women by the pills they take and by telling them to vote with their lady parts. The most offensive part of this ad isn’t the use of foul language, but instead the lengths feminists have gone through to get little girls to hate boys at such a young age based on bogus statistics and “data.”

Written by Katie Pavlich
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