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I played it easy

Heart like ice

She winked just once

I rolled the dice

Brash and brave

Not stumbling fool

She thought me nuts

I thought me cool

It didn’t happen

I should have guessed

My cool persona

It failed love’s test

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You don’t need empathy to support a depressed person

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When a friend was hospitalized for appendicitis, people flocked to visit him at the hospital. When I was clinically depressed, some who knew it avoided me like the plague. But I completely understand — it’s natural for us to be afraid of the unfamiliar, including unfamiliar illnesses. And when it comes to depression, people are wary not because they are afraid it might be contagious (hey, many don’t even recognize it as an illness!), but because they are afraid of saying the “wrong” thing.

A friend once apologized to me, “I’m sorry I haven’t been reaching out to you or being there for you. I’m not like J — I wish I were, but I’m not. But know that I’ve been praying for you, okay?”

At the time, I smiled and told him not to worry about it. I read between the lines and I read his facial expressions — I…

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Mr. Nissen your lies just don’t keep adding up!!!

Mr. Nissen yours and Oliver’s lies just keep unraveling. As today you pet met pig officer farooqi called a south African police station claiming mrs duplessis baylis is dead and that her family was trying to file a case against you .. The problem is there are already cases against you all over the world for sex trafficking of women and children so no matter what you Oliver’s and officer farooqi does your not going to win as Vincent cable and Geoff hoon is already on the way of making all of you there scapegoats for supplying them with children as we know you also already published your videos on your sex sites of what you and all of them like to do with children.. Officer farooqi is about the biggest asshole right now covering for you and Mr. baylis has just landed in the UK to arrest officer farooqi. The met might not want to cooperate with Interpol as w know the met is a bunch of useless bastards when it comes to arresting pedophiles and they’ll cover up for the likes of their main asshole David “d notice” cameron who hasn’t left the UK since his international arrest warrant has been signed off on by the Hague for helping you abduct Kevin and jenvey baylis from Mexico. But see there is other ways to arrest people wanted other then using the useless metropolitan police and your all on your way to a long life of fondling each other in a prison cell. Believe me Mr. cameron your going to wish you didn’t support Mr. Dennis Gordon nissen.. But hey your as worthless as the wart on your ass. Just remember Mr. baylis will have Kevin and Jenvey Baylis home. And then your going to wish you could bury your head in the sand like an ostriches. as for you mr.nissen, Oliver’s, and child protection officer Farooqi your days are coming to a close very very soon.. So please you allreally need to get your stories straight Mr. nissen as yet another lie coming to bite you in your fat ass



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New Jerry Sandusky Child Sex Abuse Case

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Jury Deliberates In Sandusky Child Molestion Trial

PHILADELPHIA — A man who says he was molested by Jerry Sandusky has filed a private criminal complaint in Pennsylvania, trying to force prosecutors to reopen their investigation into the former coach and take him, once again, to trial.

The man, who we’re calling Victim X, told his story to CNN. “A big part of the healing process is to face your accuser,” he said.

Victim X said Sandusky molested him in 1988 when he was a junior in high school. He was a top recruit in football and baseball who was being sought by several schools, and decided to attend a weeklong football camp at Penn State. There, he met Sandusky, and said that he was molested twice by the then-defensive coordinator: once in the showers in the assistant coaches locker room and once in Sandusky’s office.

Both places are well known to investigators as places where other victims were…

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Live, And Let Die!

Originally posted on The Forbidden Truth Blog:

I haven’t listened to this song for quite a few years, but yesterday it popped into my brilliant brain, and of course I cybersurfed right over to YouTube to enjoy it. What a simple, but beautiful sentiment: Live, and let die! I remember listening to this song decades ago, and the part that goes, “When I was young I used to say live and let live”, never resonated with Me. I never felt that way! Live and let live??

No, when you are a victim of relentless child abuse from your earliest memories, your True Reality thoughts are oriented anywhere from Die and Let Die, to Die and Make Die, to Live and Make Die, to LIve and Let Die, but not “live and let live”. Still, I immersed Myself in this powerful expression of personal victimization leading to the glory of narcissistic love of Self, and proud contempt for…

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Holiday Baking

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Today’s another beautiful day!! It was so awesome to see my son playing hockey yesterday.So happy they won their game 7-2.
I’m super excited that this is the weekend I’ve designated as Holiday baking weekend. I love to bake, and try out new recipes. Another reason, I love this time is I get to share the experience with my sons.
Every year they’ll ask for their  favorites like peanut blossoms,  pupy chow, iced sugar cookies,  chocolate covered pretzels and seven layer bars. But I like to incorporate new recipes so this year, I’m adding gingerbread, fruitcake biscotti, candy cane french silk pie.
I always found that baking helps me relax and it gives me joy by creating something new. I love knowing that my boys love this tradition and that they both look forward to it every year. To Adam and Ethan its all about the food, My children love…

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Exemplifying an Understanding of Professional Responsibilities

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Do Dont abuse

Figure 1

E3 – Exemplify an understanding of professional responsibilities and policies [1]. I believe that clear knowledge of policies and legal ramifications should be the first and foremost responsibility of a teacher, not just subsequent matter [1]. Abuse or neglect’ means sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, or injury of a child by any person under circumstances which cause harm to the child’s health, welfare, or safety… or the negligent treatment or maltreatment of a child by a person responsible for or providing care to the child (RCW 26.44.020) [2]. Common signs that indicate a child suffering from abuse or neglect may be his or her change in behavior or exceedingly compliant, passive, or withdrawn demeanor (DSHS 22-163). A child’s unwillingness to go home, inability to sit down, or physical bruises, cuts or burns are also critical signs suggesting abuse (DSHS 22-163). When a child shows a combination of signs or…

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